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Everything about tooth decay

What exactly is caries?

The villain goes by the name of tooth decay. But do we adults really know about him? We have summarized all the important information for you.
Cravings too?

The desire for sweet things

Ravenous hunger means that we have an unusually strong urge to eat salty, fatty or sweet foods. Are there any means that can drive it away? Here you can find everything about ravenous hunger.
More about detox here

Taking a closer look at detox programs

Whether it's a juice regimen, fasting, or kombucha, these methods are designed to help the body detoxify itself. But what does a detox really do and what do you have to pay attention to?
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Healthy body, healthy mind

A balanced diet, exercise and a healthy mind all contribute to a healthy life. Here are some tips that can help you.
More about the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet

Carbohydrate intake is massively reduced as part of this extreme low-carb diet. Read here to find out what this means exactly.
Explore the low-carb diet here.

The low-carb diet

A low-carb diet means eating as few foods containing carbohydrates as possible. Here we give an overview of the various diets and make a few delicious menu suggestions
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Sugar alternatives

We urgently need to reduce our sugar intake. But how harmful is sugar really? Are there healthy alternatives? And how do I use sugar substitute products?
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Cooking and baking with Stevia – how it works!

Are you unsure how and where to use stevia? First, familiarise yourself with the natural sweetener – we’ve put together a few key tips for you.