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Are SteviaSweet products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

SteviaSweet products contain no ingredients of animal origin.

SteviaSweet products contain neither meat nor fish, milk products or eggs and are therefore suitable for vegetarians as well as for vegans.

Are SteviaSweet products gluten-free and conducive to overall well-being?

All SteviaSweet products are gluten-free.

All SteviaSweet products are gluten-free and can be consumed without hesitation by people with coeliac disease. As gluten-free foods, SteviaSweet products are easily digestible for everyone and thus, as part of a balanced diet, conducive to general well-being.

Can SteviaSweet products help to prevent tooth decay?

All SteviaSweet products are sugar free; thus, they can be used as sugar substitutes to help prevent tooth decay.

High sugar consumption can lead to increased acid formation in the mouth, resulting in tooth decay. The replacement of sugar by SteviaSweet can help to prevent this.

Can SteviaSweet be used by diabetics and people living in the same household as diabetics?

All SteviaSweet products are sugar free, low in calories and suitable for diabetics.

The sweetener steviol glycoside, which is used in all SteviaSweet products, as well as the other purely herbal ingredients, have no influence on blood glucose or insulin levels. Diabetics around the world can enjoy the sweet taste of SteviaSweet products without their blood glucose and insulin levels being influenced by a high sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Can SteviaSweet be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers?

All SteviaSweet products can be safely consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Pregnant and nursing mothers can safely replace sugars with SteviaSweet. The nutritional needs of a woman change when she is pregnant or breastfeeding, so it is important to ensure that the daily calorie requirement is covered by other foods. Please follow your doctors instructions.

How much SteviaSweet should I consume daily as part of a balanced diet?

With SteviaSweet, you can safely replace your entire sugar consumption.

With SteviaSweet, you can safely replace all the sugar that you would normally mix into your food or drink. Although SteviaSweet does not involve any health risks, we recommend you to take no more than 50 servings per day as part of a balanced diet. This is, however, a very high amount and would be as if you mixed 50 teaspoons of sugar into your food and drinks on a daily basis. SteviaSweet is also safe for children. However, we only recommend consumption from the age of 3 years old, as younger children and babies have different dietary requirements to adults and children over 3 years old.

Why should I use SteviaSweet to reduce my sugar consumption?

SteviaSweet is the tasty alternative to sugar and a simple way to reduce calories in your everyday life.

The SteviaSweet products provide a clever new way to enjoy sweetened drinks and food without consuming unwanted calories. Whether you want to lose weight, stay the same weight, or reduce your sugar consumption, SteviaSweet can help you achieve your goal. Simply replace sugar with SteviaSweet and sweeten your hot drinks, smoothies, breakfast cereals, fruit cups etc. as usual, but without the additional calories.

Can I use SteviaSweet for cooking and baking sugar-free meals?

SteviaSweet products are perfect for a low-calorie cooking.

All SteviaSweet products are sugar-free and heat-resistant. In other words, they retain their sweetness even at high temperatures, e.g. in oven-baked desserts. SteviaSweet Granulated and SteviaSweet liquid with agave form the ideal sugar substitute for almost all of your cooking and baking creations. However, SteviaSweet does not caramelise in the same way as sugar does, so the ingredients have to be adapted for some recipes. SteviaSweet is also suitable for cold desserts. Simply follow our recommendation on the product packs for the replacement of sugar. You can find inspiration for cooking and baking low-calorie treats in the Recipe Collection on our website.

How can SteviaSweet support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle?

With SteviaSweet you can continue enjoying sweetness in your life, without the unwanted calories.

Each teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, every teaspoon of sugar you spread over your muesli and every teaspoon of sugar you use in cakes and biscuits contains 16.7 Kcal or 70 kJ. One serving of SteviaSweet delivers the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar but without the calories. If you replace just four to five teaspoons of sugar a day with SteviaSweet, you will save over 500 Kcal per week. SteviaSweet can help you with weight loss and to keep a healthy balance – simply by integrating SteviaSweet into your daily diet.

What does SteviaSweet taste like?

SteviaSweet tastes like sugar, but without sugar.

Steviol glycoside, the sweetener used in SteviaSweet, comes from a plant which is not sugar and consequently has a slightly different taste. However, when it is added to food and drink a familiar sweetness similar to sugar is experienced, but without the unwanted calories. Unlike to many other sweeteners SteviaSweet does not have a bitter after-taste.

Where are SteviaSweet products manufactured?

All of our SteviaSweet products are made in Europe.

Our SteviaSweet products are produced with care at various locations in Europe in modern production plants. Of course, to the highest quality requirements and Swiss quality standards. From here, we now export SteviaSweet to more than 50 countries, with this number growing continually each year.

What are the different SteviaSweet products?

SteviaSweet is available as a granulated, as tablets or liquid with agave.

No matter which food or drink you wish to sweeten, SteviaSweet has just the right product. For example, SteviaSweet Granulated, which gives your hot drinks the sweetness you want, can be used to sweeten fruit or be sprinkled over your morning cornflakes. Thanks to its heat resistance, it can also replace sugar in baking and cooking. SteviaSweet is also available in tablet form – which makes it easy to get just the right amount for tea or coffee. SteviaSweet liquid with agave dissolves quickly and goes perfectly in hot and cold drinks such as smoothies or iced tea, but can also be used for creamy desserts, for cooking and for baking.

What is SteviaSweet?

SteviaSweet is a selection of products of low-calorie sweeteners and sugar alternatives.

SteviaSweet products consist of the steviol glycoside sweetener. This is obtained from the stevia plant, mixed with other, purely plant ingredients such as maltodextrin, which occurs naturally in maize or erythritol, a sugar alcohol which occurs in pears, melons or grapes. As steviol glycoside is about 300 times sweeter than sugar, we use fillers to help you get the right amount of sweetness in your food and drink. So you can easily sweeten your food and drinks with SteviaSweet as you would normally do with sugar.