Baking Granules

Naturally delicious sweetness for all kinds of baking

SteviaSweet Baking Granules are the perfect alternative to use in place of sugar for all types of baking including in cakes, muffins, tarts, biscuits, brownies, etc. They’re 100% natural and are low in calories, plus they provide twice the sweetness of sugar so you only need to use half as much!

We hope that our recipe collection gives you lots of delicious inspirations to help you keep enjoying natural sweetness and baking without all of the unwanted calories of sugar.

A 1/2 Cup of SteviaSweet Baking Granules (100 g) sweetens just like a 1 Cup of sugar (200 g).


The perfect amount of natural sweetness every time

SteviaSweet sachets are the clever way to add the perfect amount of delicious 100% natural sweetness to your favourite cup of coffee or tea every time, without any of those unwanted calories.

One SteviaSweet sachet corresponds to a teaspoon of sugar.

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Brings tea and coffee to life

With SteviaSweet tablets you can get the perfect amount of sweetness. Depending on your preference, simply add one or two tablets to the hot drink. How about a Matcha Soy Latte sweetened with SteviaSweet? Lots of flavour, low calories.

1 tablet of SteviaSweet corresponds to a teaspoon of sugar.

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Versatile kitchen companion for all your food and drink sweetening needs

Fresh strawberries, sprinkled with a touch of delicate sweetness. Mouth-watering blueberry and thyme scones for Sunday breakfast with friends. SteviaSweet Powder is suitable for any tasty treat, because it is easy to sprinkle on desserts, muesli and fruit and can be mixed in dishes when cooking and baking.

A teaspoon of SteviaSweet powder (0.42 g) sweetens just like a teaspoon of sugar.

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Liquid with agave

Gives creams, desserts and beverages their necessary sweetness

Do you like fruity-fresh smoothies? Or Chia Pudding and Açai Bowls? Then SteviaSweet liquid with agave is the right choice for you. Its liquid consistency makes it easy to mix with creamy or liquid foods. The agave syrup ensures a pleasant rounded taste.

Ten drops of SteviaSweet liquid with agave correspond to a teaspoon of sugar.

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