Berry sandwich

15 min.
332 kcal
SteviaSweet Baking Granules

Raspberry cream cheese

50 g raspberries
1 tbsp SteviaSweet Baking Granules
100 g plain cream cheese
8 slices of whole wheat bread

To serve

50 g strawberries
50 g raspberries
50 g blueberries

Add the cream cheese, raspberries and SteviaSweet Baking Granules in a bowl and mix with a stick blender until smooth. Toast the bread in a toaster or pan. Spread the cream cheese mixture on the toast and place the berries on top. Larger berries can be sliced or torn to make them easier to distribute. Enjoy while the toast is crisp.

Nutritional information per portion

332 kcal
1394 kJ
11.5 Protein in g
49.5 Carbohydrates in g
10 Fat in g